Here is selection of screenshots from tAAt's live overhead projector demo "Valoköysiviljelijä" performed at Alternative Party 3. We don't have the soundtrack available as an .mp3 for you, but the tune is available on Teque's Alternative Oppression album, track 11 - "Eradication".

Audience cheered on about every part of the demo. Unfortunately there's no live recording of the demo, or at least we haven't heard of any.

These images are taken by Sol/Trauma and T.Rossi - big thanks to them!
You can also get the much bigger original images in .zip archives: pics by sol and pics by trossi.

1. Image 1 of 15 Getting ready for the big performance...
2. Image 2 of 15 Traditional "Kill All Audio And Lights!" :-)
3. Image 3 of 15 Starting the demo but still waiting for the music. It took quite a while...
4. Image 4 of 15 We're having some [slow] progress! The music is finally kicking in.
5. Image 5 of 15 Starting with the tAAt-logo of course.
6. Image 6 of 15 ... Followed by the demo logo. The text was painted so that a nice effect was introduced by altering the focus on the projector.
7. Image 7 of 15 First effect is the classic interference circles.
8. Image 8 of 15 Realtime Raytracing? Watch this!
9. Image 9 of 15 Yep, a bit slow but it's still done in realtime! ;->
10. Image 10 of 15 Finished with the picture, having classic checker texture with two highly reflective shiny balls.
11. Image 11 of 15 Of course the demo must have a new media style greetings part.
12. Image 12 of 15 Next it's time for something more advanced - a bird with real inversed kinematics for movement.
13. Image 13 of 15 "Oops!" The bird will be surely going down after this..
14. Image 14 of 15 Transparent rotating spirals.
15. Image 15 of 15

The End, with an flying object straight from some b-class sci-fi movie.

Crew: tArzAn, keLmUharppU, RAllivaIhDE, diskoteekki

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